At Brinley Orthodontics, we love to reward our patients! Here are some of the opportunities you have to win amazing prizes!

Patient Rewards Drawing

Our patients have the opportunity to earn up to three tickets at each appointment

Patients receive:

  • One ticket for being on time for their appointment,
  • One ticket for brushing well and maintaining good oral hygiene, and
  • One ticket for taking good care of their braces or appliances (no broken brackets). 

Patients may turn in their tickets at each appointment or save them for future drawings.

This drawing is held every eight to ten weeks and features prizes that are appealing to adults, teens, and children alike!

Academic Rewards Drawing

At Brinley Orthodontics, we like to show our patients how proud we are of their accomplishments in school. Patients may bring in their quarterly report card and receive a ticket for each A and five bonus tickets for straight A’s. The tickets are then entered into our Academic Rewards Drawing, which is held once each semester. The winner from the drawing will receive a LAPTOP!

Healthy Smiles Drawing

We ask that our patients take every possible step to ensure they have a beautiful and healthy smile. This includes maintaining regular appointments for exams and cleanings with their general dentist, while in orthodontic treatment. We work very closely with our referring dentists to make sure that our patients have the best possible care. We have “Hygiene Report Cards” available in our office for patients to take to their cleaning appointments. The report card will be filled out by the dentist or hygienist and returned to our office. This helps us to share important details regarding the patient’s oral health. When the card is returned to our office, the patient is entered into a semi-annual drawing for an iPad!

Refer a Friend Program

There is no greater compliment a patient can give us than to send in their friend or family member. We have Refer a Friend cards available in our office for our patients to hand out. When a new patient comes in and presents one of these cards, they will receive $300 off their comprehensive treatment and you will receive a gift card as a thank you!

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